[AB]TP-006 TCH & Mytrip - Brighton Black Coffee (2015)

[AB]TP-006 TCH /UK/ & Mytrip /Bulgaria/ - Brighton Black Coffee (2015) C60 / Drone/Ambient / € 7 (Include postage shipping) / Trades are accepted

This tape is a recollection from the first TCH (Timothy C Holehouse) show in Sofia, Bulgaria; the April 2014 TCH & Mytrip (Angel Simitchiev) tour in the UK and everything in between.

The TCH & Mytrip collab in Brighton happened in Green Store Doors on 03/04/14 during Spirit of Gravity. 
'Sofia' is a reconstruction of a TCH live set played in Sofia, Bulgaria in September 2013.

'Island' is an extreme and violent rework of a КПД-0 piece called 'Острови'.

* These tracks are available only on the tape version of Brighton Black Coffee. They will however be put online whenever it's sold out.

released 02 February 2015

DIY production / C60 tape with stickers, color artwork on glossy fine paper

LTD: 22 copies


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