[AB]TP-006 TCH & Mytrip - Brighton Black Coffee (2015)

[AB]TP-006 TCH /UK/ & Mytrip /Bulgaria/ - Brighton Black Coffee (2015) C60 / Drone/Ambient

This tape is a recollection from the first TCH (Timothy C Holehouse) show in Sofia, Bulgaria; the April 2014 TCH & Mytrip (Angel Simitchiev) tour in the UK and everything in between.

The TCH & Mytrip collab in Brighton happened in Green Store Doors on 03/04/14 during Spirit of Gravity. 
'Sofia' is a reconstruction of a TCH live set played in Sofia, Bulgaria in September 2013.

'Island' is an extreme and violent rework of a КПД-0 piece called 'Острови'.

* These tracks are available only on the tape version of Brighton Black Coffee. They will however be put online whenever it's sold out.

released 02 February 2015

C60 tape with stickers, color artwork on glossy fine paper

LTD: 22 copies


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