[AB]-098 The M.S.P. / [AB]-099 Aikichi Kuboyama


Aikichi Kuboyama. Underground harsh noise artist from Japan. "Cancer men" is his second album - the title's inspired by the poem "Cancer Men... These Individuals Are Marked Foe...", by William S. Burroughs.

"Cancer Men" lasts 29 minutes and has 3 untitled tracks. The first is a completely electronic track; the second is a meditation with fucked up sounds and processed vocals (largely inspired by the Power Electronics 80's scene) and the third track is a little experience with a single sample, reinvented several times.


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akichi kuboyama

[AB]-099 Aikichi Kuboyama /Japan/ - Cancer Men (2011) / Harsh Noise/Japanoise [70,8 mb] 29:03

Brand new noise release N. 98! The M.S.P. aka Bartosz Basa is a Polish artist from around the speedcore, terrorcore community since 2007. Screamtone contains 3 tracks entirely focused on the rough noise sound! Noise 'n' Darkness


(click on the cover to download the release)

the m.s.p.

[AB]-098 The M.S.P. /Poland/ - Screamtone (2011) / Noise [22,1 mb] 9:23

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