[AB]-095 Brideburger - Soundcapes (2011)


Full length album from Brideburger (UK)!

The stunning and beautiful First full length Album by Brideburger since the A&E E.P, with different shoegaze soundcapes, High Quality sound and drones that you'll never heard before, starting with the first track Carol Vorderman is a wonderful noise of Syd Barrett and Pete Kember A.K.A Sonic Boom (Spectrum, Spacemen 3 and E.A.R), The second track ocean is 9 minute is a beautiful dream pop soundscaping that will blow your mind into another place, Bride suicide and Unitited have a Fuzzed up echo noise rock sounds of Sonic Youth, DNA, Spacemen 3 and LOOP, it's also post political, A new Version of Experiment 2 which was using a oscillator and the loveless guitar of My bloody Valentine which i find one the best tracks, For Fraud a over 23 minute long of Harsh Noise attacks of E.A.R (Experimental Audio Research) and Merzbow it's really stunningly drone soundcapes, for the last track august 2nd 2010 , It's starts out ambient first until it's gets darker into drone side of things, It was for a friend who died that day and for track 5 & 8 they are just sound sample of soundcaping ideas of birds etc

Matt A.K.A Brideburger
Ipswich England UK

This album will be also released on CD-R on Amnion Records!
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[AB]-095 Brideburger /United Kingdom/ - Soundcapes (2011) / Shoegaze/Ambient/Drone/Post Rock/Noise [104 mb] 1:15:40

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